Do you own a building in NYC?

Then you should know about Local Law 58/09. Passed into law on March 2, 2010, this law mandates that your sprinkler or standpipe system's piping be correctly painted according to regulation. Afterwards, you must have a certified professional inspect your system and sign off that you have properly complied with the law.

This law affects all building owners, no matter if you own an existing or newly constructed building. 

What if I do not comply with Local Law 58/09?

June 2, 2010 was the due date for compliance with this law! Therefore, if you were to be inspected today by the Department of Buildings, or the FDNY and found to be in violation, you will be subject to fines starting at $1,600.

Who is qualified to bring me up to code?

To reach compliance with this law you must provide the city with a Proof of Compliance, to do that requires several steps:

Steps to reach compliance with Local Law 58/09

  • have a professional to paint all your exposed piping according to regulation
  • have a professional who holds a FDNY Certificate of Fitness to inspect your system and find you compliant
  • keep a signed document on your premises to show DoB or FDNY inspectors

Contact us today for assistance with adapting to this law

We are able to guide you through the entire certification process. Our trained experts hold a Certification of Fitness from the FDNY enabling us to inspect your entire property verify that your exposed piping are painted the proper colors. We then are able to sign off on the process giving you a Certificate of Completion.

We provide free estimates, and our owners meet with you one on one to assess your property and your needs -- that's the Buckmiller way.


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Commonly asked questions about inspections

Does Local Law 58/09 law apply to me?

Yes. It applies to every building in New York City. All building types, both existing and new constructions.

What if I don't comply with LL#58/09?

Failure to hold a Certificate of Compliance form has a minimum $500 penalty and failure to properly paint your standpipe or sprinkler system carries a fine of at least $1,600. The FDNY will write you a violation if this law's requirements are not satisfied.

Who will paint my pipes?

It is advised that you hire either a licensed master plumber, master fire suppression piping contractor, registered design professional (such as an architect or an engineer) or a contractor who holds a Certificate of Fitness issued by the FDNY. After your valves are painted according to LL#58/09's requirements you are now eligible for certification.

Will you inspect my entire facility?

Yes. Buckmiller Sprinkler will not supply the certification letter if we are unable to examine the entire premises' pipes. Once you have your certificate, it's advised to keep it on the premises -- generally the lobby is suggested as a good place to keep it so the FDNY or Department of Buildings inspector can easily see it.