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At Buckmiller Sprinkler we maintain a large staff of specialists that are trained to quickly identify issues that will put your business at risk of a violation. Our experts respond rapidly, notifying you of these issues moving quickly to create the best solution for your facility.

NFPA based inspections

We offer our customers inspection programs that meet NFPA fire codes, manufacturers’ requirements and your unique needs.

Each year, we perform thousands of sprinkler system inspections for new and existing systems to determine compliance with fire codes and insurance requirements. Our goal is to keep you free from violations. Our inspections ensure optimum system performance, rapid response times, and proper operation of sprinkler heads and alarm systems.

Confirming and maintaining system integrity on a regular schedule can protect your building, its contents and most importantly, its occupants.

We offer monthly, quarterly, yearly and 5-year testing schedules.

Fire sprinkler system inspections include:

  • inspection of fire alarms
  • inspection of water-flow alarms
  • visual examination of sprinklers
  • assessment of fire pump, water tanks, and fire department connections

Other services include:

  • water-flow testing
  • fire pump testing
  • trip testing of dry pipe, deluge, or pre-action valves
  • acceptance testing
  • 2" main drain test
  • local law 58/09 painting code

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Commonly asked questions about inspections

As a homeowner, will your inspection affect my household?

No, when we inspect home sprinkler systems we make sure it's as non-invasive as possible. In general we check the water level in your tanks, make sure your valves are open, and that your sprinklers aren't obstructed or blocked with boxes or other material.

After an inspection, do I get a copy of your report?

Yes. As required by NFPA 25, a copy of our inspection report must be left at the premises and if you've lost your copy, we can send another.

How does an inspection affect my insurance rate?

Buildings which are fully sprinklered enjoy special reduced rates. However, you must make sure that your insurance company receives verification of your system's inspection, or you will still pay the higher rates.

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