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Are Your People And Property Currently Unprotected By Fire Sprinklers?

In this article you will learn about the impact fire damage can have on your business, the risks you take on from not having sprinklers, and how you can save big on insurance premiums with a new fire sprinkler system.


It's tragic. According to the latest study by the NFPA, every 65 seconds, fire departments across America respond to a building fire.

Of the 487,000 structure fires recorded in 2013, over 2,800 citizens died, 14,000 were injured, and $9.5 billion of property damage occurred.

This is a problem that touches many businesses a year, and not a single one ever thought it could happen to them. Here's another frightening stat provided by the NFPA...


Of the $9.5 billion in property damages, approximately $663 million were from intentional fires. Arson.

Fire loss takes many forms. From fires originating in the kitchen of an office building to an electrical fire in a maintenance room.

Hundreds of thousands of building owners like yourself saw their building met with misfortune. However, some lost more than just brick and steel, some lost human life.

Your Potential Liability

The landscape is changing. Court decisions are showing building owners and managers being held liable for damages because they did not have fire sprinklers installed in their building.

If you were in this scenario, you would have to pay out millions of dollars per life lost in the fire.

A very clear precedent is being set. The public expects sprinklers as a 'reasonable level of care', therefore, managers and owners of buildings must adopt routines and practices that ensure a safe working and living environment for their employees and tenants.

Having sprinklers is the first step to creating that safe environment, sprinklers save lives.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Sprinklered Building?



Peace Of Mind

Imagine two business owners who both suffered fire damage to their building. One had sprinklers and the other didn't. One had business as usual interrupted for months due to the extensive damage. His employees couldn't come in for work because the massive fire spread into the adjacent rooms. Scores of electronics were ruined due to smoke damage, and every day on the media, his company is seen on TV in shambles, a pillar of weakness in his community.

Meanwhile, have a look at the other business owner. Sprinklers were able to contain his fire to the office kitchen where it started. Smoke damage was minimized, and employees were able to resume work the next day. In the public eye, this company is seen as responsive, alert, and resilient.

That business owner has peace of mind knowing that if a disaster were ever to strike again, he'll be ready.



Reduced Insurance Rates

Those who install sprinklers in their building can enjoy reduced insurance premiums. Owners of commercial and industrial buildings benefit the most, however, owners of multi-family property can enjoy substantial savings as well.

But why are insurance companies providing reduced rates for sprinklered buildings? Well, the insurance industry knows that in the event of a fire in a sprinklered building, they will pay out significantly less in losses. Knowing this, they offer discounts to buildings with fire sprinkler systems.

But wait there's a catch. To receive the sprinklered rates, you must send your insurance company proof that your system has been inspected and is tested on a regular basis. If you have a sprinklered building but do not send proof, you may end up actually paying a higher rate! It is your responsibility to ensure that your systems are kept in working order and satisfy the necessary FDNY inspection requirements.



Income Tax Deductions*

According to the NFPA, there are 3 types of income tax deductions available to business that have fire sprinkler equipped buildings:

Please check with your CPA to ensure your property will fall under any of these guidelines.

  1. A business can take the depreciation allowance each year for the value of the fire sprinkler system.

  2. A business can take a tax deduction for the interest they spend on a loan to install a fire sprinkler system.

  3. A business might qualify for the federal Qualified Rehabilitation Tax Credit



Liability Avoidance

Since the creation of the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101), sprinkler systems are viewed as the "minimum established level of expected care." In short, the public and the courts expect your building to have fire sprinklers no matter what codes say. Building owners that do not meet that expectation may open themselves up to additional liability in the case of major fire loss.

When you have your own fully sprinklered building, none of this is a concern in your mind. Your people and property are protected, your inspections and tests happen on autopilot, allowing you to focus on your own business.


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