Considering an investment in sprinklers?

At Buckmiller Automatic Sprinkler, we are prepared to handle the unique challenges of your building's retrofit project.

With the standard that NFPA has set, and the elevated awareness for the need of fire protection systems all across the country; we have noticed a sharp increase in requests for the retrofitting of existing occupied buildings.

It doesn't have to be a headache

Over the years we have provided this service to many property owners such as yourself and thus we are well versed in handling the most common challenges to these projects.

Your concerns come first. We understand the importance of controlling costs and keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Benefits of retrofitting your property

  • reduced insurance premiums
  • improved safety of your occupants
  • significantly reduced water and fire damage costs in case of fire

Take the first step towards securing your property

We provide free estimates, and our owners meet with you one on one to assess your property and your needs -- that's the Buckmiller way.


Or get in touch with us at (212) 966-1980.


Commonly asked questions about retrofit installations

Will sprinklers ruin my home's aesthetics and character?

Not anymore, nowadays sprinklers can be hidden with covers and installed flush with walls / ceilings. They can also be painted to match your home's decor with custom concealed covers.

When a fire occurs, does every sprinkler head go off?

No, this is a common myth shown in movies. In fact, 82% of fires that occur in homes were controlled by two or fewer sprinklers.