A commitment to serve

Established in 1958, Buckmiller Automatic Sprinkler Corp., is proud to be one of the pillars of the fire protection industry in New York City. We have built a solid reputation based on the sound principles of honesty, excellence, and reliability.

Our commitment to service can be traced back three generations when our founder and my grandfather, Mr. Stanley "Buck" Miller first opened for business in 1958. He ran the business until '76 when he handed it down to my father, Mr. Richard Black. Dad ran the business for 25 years before handing it down to my brother Stephen and I (Patrick).


You're not just a client, you're our friend

When you work with us, it is as if your property becomes our own. We take the greatest of care to render efficient service no matter the size of the job. Because of this philosophy, hundreds of clients have chosen our firm exclusively to handle all of their sprinkler/standpipe testing, servicing and installation needs.

We were fortunate to forge countless personal relationships and friendships over the years with folks from all walks of life.


Leading the way with NFPA 25 adaptation

At Buckmiller. we were one of the first companies in NYC to adapt to the new NFPA 25 standard. We understood the importance of having a comprehensive inspection and testing schedule that maintains the integrity of your fire sprinkler system.

To accomplish that vision,  we offer services on a monthly, quarterly, yearly or 5 year basis -- all to fit your needs and NFPA guidelines.


Saving property owners thousands of dollars

One of the things we're most proud of here at Buckmiller is that we've helped countless property owners save money on repairs. Many of our clients have older systems, some dating back to the early 1900's. Usually, when such a system malfunctions, it must be replaced, often at an incredibly high cost.

We've prevented such a scenario for hundreds of clients because we keep most older parts in stock, and our mechanics have the necessary knowledge and experience to service the older systems.


We keep you free from violations

Our skilled staff have helped countless building owners stop possible FDNY violations in their tracks. Our team can recognize the smallest yellow tag defect to the most important red tag defect. We understand that violations must be quickly and neatly resolved. When you're up to code and complaint, you save big by avoiding fines. You also enjoy lower insurance rates.


Come experience the Buckmiller way

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your fire protection needs. As your licensed and insured master fire protection contractor, we're happy to assist you in any endeavor.

Contact us about your inspection, testing, maintenance, and violation removal needs. As always we provide a free quote, and are happy to answer any questions you may have..