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At Buckmiller Automatic Sprinkler Corp., our licensed technicians have the knowledge and experience that allow them to provide a swift, efficient installation of your fire sprinkler system. After your system is installed, we test it to make sure it meets rigorous expectations, satisfying both your building official and insurance underwriters.

We've helped thousands of commercial building owners, property managers, and multi-family property owners ensure the safety of their occupants with fire sprinkler systems, and we can do the same for you.

A comfortable process from beginning to end

When you work with us, you will experience our unique brand of service.

From reviewing your blueprints to installing the very last sprinkler, our technicians take pride in their work and can seamlessly involve themselves with any contractors alongside every step of the installation process.

Whether we're installing piping in an open warehouse or preparing your building to be compliant with Local Law 26, a smooth installation process is the standard at Buckmiller Sprinkler.

We understand, it's business as usual

Even though you are having installation work done you have a business to run.  We make our best efforts to minimize disruption to the normal course of business during the installation process.

Choose Buckmiller Sprinkler for your installation project

With 50 years of experience, we've seen it all and can help you avoid the pitfalls and snags that stall most installation projects. Click the button below and fill out the form to get started with our process.

We provide free estimates, and our owners meet with you one on one to assess your property and your needs -- that's the Buckmiller way.


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Commonly asked questions about installations

How much do sprinkler systems cost to install?

It depends on the type of system and the size of the building, but an investment in sprinklers will generally be less than what you will pay if you have to wait for the FDNY to put out your fire.

Are smoke detectors good enough?

Smoke alarms are meant to act as alarms, not fire suppression systems. They won't put out a fire, and they only work as long as they have batteries. Sprinkler systems control and contain fires by eliminating the threat in a safe and efficient manor.

What's worse, fire damage or water damage from sprinklers?

Water from a fire sprinkler system is far less damaging than from a fireman's hose. Sprinkler systems suppress small fires before they have a chance to blaze out of control. According to a recent study, homes without fire sprinklers on average suffer over $179,000 in fire damages, compared to just $14,000 with fire sprinklers.

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