Will your sprinkler system perform when it counts?

Your system's integrity should not be tested in an emergency, therefore we recommend regular testing to ensure that your system functions as intended.

We can determine the functionality and requirements of your sprinkler system through proper testing and analysis, followed up with a complete report of our findings.

Specialized inspection and testing is available for:

  • wet/dry sprinklers
  • standpipe systems
  • fire pumps
  • 2" main drain test
  • local law 10 residential flow tests
  • class I, II, and III standpipes

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Commonly asked questions about testing

What is the main drain test, and why do I need it?

To remain compliant with the standard set by NFPA 25, it is required to perform the 2" main drain test on an annual basis. This test is designed to verify the strength of water flow in your system. It helps you detect any defects that may exist in your system that impede water flow such as obstructions, almost shut valves, or a closed gate.

What is the water flow test, and why do I need it?

This is a required test to meet the standard set by NFPA 25. The water flow test must be performed on a quarterly basis, It ensures that your water flow detecting devices and alarms are operational. If connected to a central alarm, we will notify the fire department before running this test.

What is the Hydrostatic 5 year test?

Also known as a functionality test, this test confirms that your sprinkler/standpipe fire department connections are free from defects and are able to be used by the fire department. This test must be performed in the presence of a fire department official and conducted by a licensed fire sprinkler contractor such as Buckmiller Sprinkler.

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