Were you served with a violation?

If so, Buckmiller Automatic Sprinkler Corp. will assist you will all the necessary paperwork, scheduling, testing and repairs needed in order to satisfy the conditions of your violation.

Our engineers, technicians, and staff work closely with the FDNY and related departments ensuring that the problem areas with your fire sprinkler system are resolved in a timely manner.

Don't ignore it

The consequences of ignoring a violation are severe! If you chose to do so and are caught, you will be subject to fines, court appearances (if after 35 days of violation), even an order to vacate your premises.

If your business were to suffer a loss due to a fire and it is shown that you have outstanding violations on your property, you will be denied insurance coverage and may possibly face jail time.

We believe no business should risk being shut down simply because the filing process is too difficult to understand, so we are committed to helping you through this process.

Paperwork won't be a problem

From our experience, most property owners who have been served a notice of violation from the FDNY are generally just confused on the process. We understand this and are poised to work side by side with you, clarifying every document and step you must take to resolve the issue.

Violations don't have to stall your business

By performing the 5 year Hydrostatic Pressure test, we can remove that burden off your shoulders and help you focus again on your own business. At Buckmiller Automatic Sprinkler, our goal is not only to get you back up to code, but to ensure that you remain there.

We provide free estimates, and our owners meet with you one on one to assess your property and your needs -- that's the Buckmiller way.


Or get in touch with us at (212) 966-1980.


Commonly asked questions about violations

I received a notice of violations form, how do I fill it out?

We have a clearly labeled example notice of violations and certificate of corrections form to help guide you.

What are the most common violations?

Violations are commonly issued to property owners because they have not had their 5-year hydrostatic test, water flow test, pipes color coded to meet Local Law 58/09, or they may have corroded sprinkler heads that have yet to be replaced.

What is a cure date?

After a violation is issued, you have a 35 day window in which you can take care of the necessary repairs and testing to avoid the court date. All of your paperwork most be submitted by this date. If you are going through this process currently, contact us and we'll help you make sense of the paperwork so you can regain confidence in your building's safety and focus on your business.

Help! I missed my cure date, what happens now?

You must go to court and pay a fine no matter if you have already made the necessary repairs.

I missed both the cure and court date, what happens now?

You must pay a fine and request a new court date with the Environmental Control Board (ECB).

Let's work together and remove your violations.